Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Update on the Pridgen boys

Well, Charlie is finally walking! At 16 1/2 months, he is finally getting the hang of it:
He will still occasionally grab my finger and drag me along everywhere for support. It's very cute/funny when he does that. Actually, he'll grab your hand when he needs you to do something as well, like pick up a toy or get him some food.
We've also upgraded Charlie to a forward-facing carseat.  He's so excited about it that even after a few days, he would still say "wow" everytime I put him in his seat!
Charlie is now sitting behind the driver's seat - basically taking over Graham's previous carseat. And now, Graham is in a booster seat - another milestone!  By the way, I asked Graham why he shut his eyes in the photo and he said that the light (flash) is too bright!
The boys are definitely growing up fast... and obviously still need to learn how to play together!

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