Tuesday, December 17, 2013


So after returning from New Jersey, the boys ended up not having school on Tuesday because of the ice accumulation on the neighborhood streets.  So, what do we do on a day off?  We play in the snow!
Graham was quick to grab his shovel:
So busy!
Charlie wasn't sure what to make of the snow:
We went looking for animal tracks. I'm still not sure what this one was:
Deer tracks:
Bird tracks:
Delivery man tracks!?
Well, it was time to build our snowman.  I'm not sure how much the boys really helped:
Although, I'm not sure if anything would have helped this awkward looking snowman!
The snow was really soft and fluffy - I couldn't even make a good snowball! So we had a mound for a snowman. Ha!  If anything, he lasted quite a few days :-)

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