Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Recent happenings

Well, as usual - Charlie is still loving the face painting!
And also still loving soccer.  Charlie was Pass Master last week!  That's his 4th medal since he has attended four sessions now.  Hopefully he will continue to have such great enthusiasm:
In the meantime, it's been almost 1 1/2 weeks and I still have a bad tan from a sunburn!  I missed a spot because I didn't want to get sunscreen underneath my Fitbit watch during a round of golf.  Well... looks like the watch is going to get greasy next time!  Thankfully it didn't burn enough to hurt but obviously looks quite funny!
We continue to battle all that sand by Graham's school during pick-up.  It's been so windy lately!
Speaking of battles, it's still so tough to pack lunch for these boys.  You can probably guess which tupperware belongs to which kid.  Thankfully, Charlie still enjoys his vegetables but "no sauce, Mommy!", where as no greens for Graham and lots of sauce and "Just chicken please, Mommy!".  How do these boys actually belong in the same family??!
Last but not least, our little "visitor" from a couple of weeks ago.  A gecko!  Scared the crap out of Charlie when he was standing on a stool and peeing!  Poor fella!  Well, and the gecko too.  It couldn't scamper fast enough to get away from the screaming kid!... which made Charlie scream even more because it was squiggling around. Ahhh...!!!
Charlie was so traumatized we had to carry him around the rest of the night.  This one does look a little different than the previous ones we have seen in the apartment.  It has patches on its body and stripes on its tail and also a bit bigger.  Well, I did manage to capture it yesterday and decided it would be happier down the garbage chute.  Hopefully we won't see another one anytime soon!

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