Saturday, April 23, 2016

Speedy sports cars!!!

The weekend before last, there were a few races at the Yas Marina Circuit.  This is the same track used during the Formula 1 (except tickets are a lot LOT cheaper!).

Such a long tunnel to get to the race track from the parking lot.  I can't imagine it being packed with people. I would probably feel so claustrophobic!
Here we are waiting for the race to start. First ones up are the Toyotas.
Thumbs up from Charlie!
These cars were a bit loud.  I guess those ear-muffs aren't quite good enough!
After the race, the boys got to see the cars up close by the pit:
Graham even got to hold the yellow flag!
Pretty amazing what sort of sensors they have on the track.  Asphalt temperature and soil temperature?!? It's amazing how hot the asphalt gets (112.6F) when the air temperature is only at 84.6F:
There were some other sports cars on display on the grounds of the track.  I think we liked this one the best.  So pretty!
The next race were the Ferraris. These were even louder!
The boys were so excited to see so many of them.  Halfway through the race, there was a minor accident so the cars had to pull back into the pit:
Okay, race is back on.  I don't know how these guys aren't scared when they stick their head out in between the glass by the track.  YIKES!
Graham wasn't liking the noise too much from the Ferrari racing:
Charlie is still loving it! More pointing!
This is probably as close as we are going to get to a Formula 1 race.  I guess we can check this one off our "Things to do in Abu Dhabi" list then!

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