Thursday, April 14, 2016

Phoenix Zoo and Train Park

Graham and Charlie were able to enjoy the zoo even more this time with their cousins from Minnesota!  My sister and her family arrived the day after Grandma and Pop-pop had driven back to NJ.  I don't think Charlie was even born yet when they came by to visit us in Phoenix the last time, so it has been at least 4 years since Graham had seen his cousins.
Here they are: Graham (6 in May) , Michael (8), Charlie (4 in July), and Caden (5)
And here's me and my sister, Corina:
Another one of the boys:
Charlie is missing from the photo because he was busy trying to read the map and lagged behind!
After the zoo trip, we had another trip planned out for a park.  We met up with some friends from college there and as one of them were fishing, Graham and Charlie took the opportunity to cast a few as well.
They both enjoyed it so much.  It was too bad we didn't catch anything though!
And then, off to the train!  My college friends had their kids with them at the park too and all the kids wanted to be in the caboos:
So much screaming when the train went into the tunnel.  Too funny!  And Graham - being the "engineer" he is, wanted to know how the train worked and where the whistle was when we were done.
Last minute mini-carousal ride before ending the morning.
Desert Breeze was such a fun park!  Definitely a must-do again next time we are back in Phoenix!

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