Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dress up

Last Thursday, Graham got to dress up as his favorite story book character for school.  I asked him who he would like to be and he said "Emmet, from the Lego movie".  And I told him that the Lego movie is not a book but he said, "But we wrote one!"  Okay, so he did write a story called "Emmet and Princess Unikitty" last term and funny enough, his "book" is actually in the Reading Corner of his classroom!  Graham obviously won that argument.

So as usual, not wanting to spend too much money on school projects... here we go! I couldn't find an orange t-shirt for kids, but I did find one for an adult.  For cheap too!
The many uses of duct tape and color markers!
I managed to find a pair of orange sweat pants.  I think it was meant for girls but Graham didn't mind it one bit, even with those red and blue stars around the pockets.  Phew!
Can't forget Emmet's name tag:
After working on the costume to about 11pm the night before... Ta da!!!  He was so happy to put it on the next day!
I think I was pretty close to the original.  We just have to maybe work on Graham's hair next time :-)

So I guess the effort was all worth it.  I wonder what's next??!  Graham's school projects are definitely testing my creativity!

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