Sunday, April 17, 2016

Back to Abu Dhabi

I wanted to share some photos taken from the airplane on the way back from Phoenix to San Francisco.  The landscape changes so quickly!

From crop circles and greenery:
To snowy rocky mountains:
To lush rolling hills.  Just amazing!
Oh, on a side note - Graham lost one more tooth!  Lower right lateral incisor.  He loves to stick his tongue through the missing tooth so you probably can't see the gap very well:
Graham and Charlie know the routine too well when we stay overnight by the airport hotel.  Room service!
These kids can't be any more different.  Graham has about 3 chicken nuggets and no fruit and Charlie has majority of the fruit and perhaps 1/2 a piece of chicken nugget.  Ha!  But one thing is for sure, they both love watching Tornadoes on The Weather Channel!

Almost time to get on the airplane!  Charlie snags an apple from the hotel lobby and keeps himself occupied with it during check-in:
Another 15-hour long journey.  So thankful for Business class.  The boys are spoiled for sure:
Graham loves to listen to music as he sleeps on the airplane.
And I get to catch up on about 3 new movies while traveling :-) What a fun trip!

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