Thursday, April 14, 2016

Back in Phoenix

San Francisco to Phoenix was thankfully a quick and good flight.  I purchased a little game of Snakes and Ladders and the boys loved it!  Once on the ground again, the boys love being pulled around on the luggage:
This is probably the only part that I don't like too much about the Phoenix airport. You have to take a bus to the rental car complex and it's a little bit difficult when you have all this luggage PLUS a sleeping boy!  So Graham and I waited by the curb and by the time Bobby got to the rental car complex, it was 2 sleeping boys.  Ha ha!
The next morning, time to get into the toys!
As you can see, Graham is quite comfortable at this home.  I do love this dedicated space/area for the kids.
And then, outside for some digging!  The boys definitely missed their shovels.  There was gravel everywhere!
And then, once they are tired of that - back inside for some computer games.  They surely do keep themselves occupied!
The next day, we dressed up for an Easter Egg hunt at the golf club.  So many eggs!!!
But those were just for the under 3-years old kids.  Now, here are 9,000 eggs for all the older kids on the driving range!
Hopefully the boys don't think every Easter egg hunt is going to be like this!  After going through all the eggs in their baskets, we went back to the clubhouse to take a quick photo with the Easter bunny.  I'm glad this one is not as scary as the last few I've seen:
There were also arts and crafts but Graham and Charlie waited patiently for their balloons.  How creative! Lady bug for Charlie:
And an alien for Graham.  Buckle up! HA HA!
By the way, Grandma and Pop-pop drove all the way from New Jersey to join us.  They made it in record time for Easter!
Graham and Charlie love having both of you around and thanks for letting Bobby and I go out for a golf-date!

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