Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring break - San Francisco!

We would normally fly into JFK airport but since the airline started a new route to SFO, we decided to go this way instead.  Via the north pole!

It's too bad I was asleep when we were flying by the Arctic.  Would have loved to see what it looked like and perhaps even catch the northern lights.  Next time, I guess!

The boys are ready to get on the airplane as usual.  Yes, I still like to dress them alike :-)
Traveling on Business Class can be tough, sometimes. Ha!
Awww... so tired.  Graham and Charlie fell asleep pretty quickly after take off.  It was a 2:25am flight out of Abu Dhabi.
After the 15-hour flight, we decided to tuck into breakfast at the terminal so we wouldn't be driving in the morning commuter traffic.  Ah yes, noodles for breakfast!!!
Good morning, San Francisco!
And hello Golden Gate Bridge.  The boys were so excited to see the bridge.
But even more excited to play with all that sand by the beach!
One more photo op with the bridge.  Charlie, by the way, had his face painted on the airplane. Perhaps the flight attendants need a little practice, if you know what I mean!

Instead of staying at a hotel, we decided to rent a home.  It worked out really well!
I was a little nervous about the hardwood floors on the stairs since we were all walking around with socks on in the house.  But thankfully all went well for the 3 days.  The boys enjoyed checking out the moon and planets at night with the telescope:
They played ping pong during the day:
And of course, sleeping in between:
Lots of sleeping!
And oh, we found this little restaurant down the street within walking distance.  What yummy breakfasts!  We had to go there twice :-)
Okay... to be continued with our 3 fun-filled days in San Francisco!

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