Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year!

Wow... Happy 2015!  Where did 2014 go?!?  We sure had a lot going on last year, so hopefully this year will be a nice relaxing one. (Right, honey??? ;-)

As usual, Bobby and I didn't stay up until midnight for the countdown to New Year.  We called it a night at 11pm. Close enough, I guess! And the next day, Graham was up early as usual and then, the TV remote disappeared!  You then realize how much TV is actually part of your life. So... with the weather being quite nice outside, we opted to read on the balcony.
We need to do this more often!  We also need to get some more Legos for the boys.  There are some really neat ones for the kids:
Charlie of course loves these smaller sized Legos too compared to the larger Duplo ones. Thankfully Graham loves playing with either one.
By the way, right before the New Year I decided to buy date-flavored camel milk.  It was actually pretty good, but rather sweet to my liking. Perhaps there are other different flavors to try this year :-)
As for New Year resolutions, I suppose the usual - eat better and exercise more :-) And hope to play in Malaysia again this year!

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