Sunday, January 25, 2015

First golf game of the year

Bobby and I finally had a chance to go out for a game of golf at our home course!  It was my first time playing all 18 holes since we moved to Abu Dhabi.  My last full-round of golf was back in September during the LPGA Sime Darby in Malaysia!
Despite the slight rust, I was able to beat Bobby 6 and 4, which entitles me for some bragging rights until our next match :-)

After golf, Bobby wanted to get some pizza so we headed over to one of the restaurants located in a hotel.  There was an Aston Martin parked in the lobby. The boys were super excited, of course.  "Speedy sports car!" as they would scream out!
On the way up to the restaurant, here's a nice view of the Grand Mosque:
While waiting for our food, Graham was having a good time watching soccer. Just hilarious!
And after driving all that way to the restaurant, we come to find out that there is no longer pizza at the restaurant!  Well, at least the boys enjoyed themselves.  One more picture with the Aston Martin. I love the blue color!
I wonder if we'll ever get to drive or at least ride in one of these fancy cars.  Well, hopefully it won't be in a cop's car.  Yes, the cops in Dubai (although not in Abu Dhabi) drive Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Ferraris, and McLarens!

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