Sunday, January 18, 2015

Golf tournament at our home club

The HSBC Golf Championship came and went.  I think I watched more of the golf on TV than I did when we were actually at the golf club!  I took Charlie on Thursday when big brother Graham was at school.  We watched Rory McIlroy tee-off on the 1st hole and Charlie kept saying "He's going to hit it into the water".  Too funny! Hopefully Rory didn't hear that, although there wasn't any water trouble on the 1st hole. Phew! But that was that... with the thought of taking Charlie out onto the golf course.
So instead, we opted to visit The Village instead.  Charlie loved digging in the sand and burying his bulldozer. We actually lost the toy in the sand for a little bit!
There was camel-riding and I had a chance to hold a falcon.
And fun with photo-taking:
I think Bobby and Graham had more fun later on that day with photo-taking!
The boys enjoyed putt-putt:
Charlie couldn't decide lefty or righty:
Or maybe he thought it might work if he gets down lower to the ball:
Graham like this other one instead:
Trying to get the ball out of the pipe!
I didn't get to see Kaymer this week in person. But poor fella - this is probably exactly how he felt about the golf tournament by the time he got to the last hole.  Kaymer had a 6-shot lead heading into Sunday and by the 5th hole, he had a 10-shot lead!  Just shows you that anything can happen in golf. ANYTHING! The Frenchman that won by one shot - Gary Stahl was ranked 357 in the world!
Anyhow, the other reason why we watched more golf at home was because Charlie had croup late Friday night!  A little after midnight on Friday, Bobby and I were still awake when we heard a strange noise. We thought it was the neighbors fooling around in the hallway but when I went to check, it was Charlie coughing! Gosh, it did not sound human at all! Now I know what they mean by "sounding like a seal barking".  Bob's first thought was whooping cough although both boys are vaccinated for that. Once we were able to see the doctor (around 1:30am), it was diagnosed as croup.  Charlie had a shot of steroids in the bum (OUCH!) and a treatment with the nebulizer and was sent home, already feeling and sounding better.  And we let Charlie pick out his own nebulizer. Too cute!
Thankfully he's been quite good about using it. It's Day 3 now and just one last treatment tonight. He's recovered nicely and now just has a runny/stuffy nose. Somehow he has finally learned to blow his nose too! Now if he'll only learn to poop in the potty! He's actually peeing standing up now. Ah... the joys of potty training!
And oh, we were suppose to go to a birthday party on Saturday, so that idea was completely scrapped. I had Graham write the birthday note on the present. He's doing better with his writing:
Graham did get a little impatient once he got to signing off Charlie's name, so I had to help him with that.  Obviously there is no "Q" in Charlie's name!

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