Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tennis - Super 6

I don't play tennis but I do actually love watching it on TV, especially when the big names are playing. Well, here was my chance to catch them live in action!  The "usual suspects" - Nadal, Murray, Djockovic (no Federer though) were here last weekend at the Super 6 just 15 minutes away from the house!
The boys were distracted by the nearby playground (of course!)
Obviously having fun!
And even more fun with the bouncy house!
What is it with kids and slides?
And of course, they have to go back up the same way they came down!
We did catch a glimpse of Wawrinka at the practice court:
And then, I got distracted with the moon:
Testing out the zoom lens on my camera :-)
Since we could not get tickets into the game, we opted to hang out by the field.  It was rather close to the (interesting) loo but thankfully it didn't smell!
Here was our view:
The boys obviously just wanted to keep playing. Thank goodness for those bright yellow shirts!
Looks like this was the closest I would get to Nadal:
And to Murray:
Dinner time!
The tickets were rather expensive for Day 2 (out of 3) so even if it wasn't sold out, I don't think we would have paid for tickets.  We should have made it out the first day as there was a Family Day package. Well, we'll know that for next year!  In any case, at least we caught a nice sunset:
And the moon again, of course!
Looks so close, yet so far!

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