Monday, January 26, 2015

Boys being boys

If you're ever wondering what else the boys do while they are at home....
What's funny about Charlie's pose is that Graham used to do the exact same thing!  It was one of his specialty dance moves.  Charlie has now taken it to a new level and is doing it on the coffee table AND watching TV at the same time :-)
And Graham is learning to do these little semi-handstands. Daddy was quite impressed when Mommy did a headstand against the wall! That's why Charlie has the pillow down on the floor (for the head) except he is facing the wrong way!
And finally, watching TV while sitting on the bicycle.  On another occasion, Charlie had a video running on the Leap-pad and he stuck that in the basket at the front of the bicycle and was watching the video while pedaling.  Clever little boy!

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