Thursday, January 22, 2015

Charlie loves to golf

I decided to take Charlie out to the driving range yesterday/Thursday since it's his day off from school.  He really loves to golf! Thankfully he wasn't running around too much and more importantly didn't run out to pick up his golf ball or run to the side when I was trying to practice.
He was so determined to hit the golf ball and I'm glad he just kept at it even though it kept missing! And oh, he just starting doing this head thing where he looks to his target and back. I wonder if he picked that up from TV or from golf last week during the tournament.  Needless to say, I couldn't stop snickering when he was doing it.  Too cute!
Apologizes for the amateur video-taping. Still trying to figure out my phone!

Anyhow, Charlie was swinging both righty AND lefty! I wish I was as talented as him.  Definitely evens out those muscles on both sides and not lopsided like me. Ha!
It was funny though how he learned so quickly.  I had put his tee up a little higher once and he hit this amazing shot. And from then on, he kept asking me to put his tee up higher. Too funny!
Hoping to really keep this up every Thursday as I need the practice as well! :-)

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