Sunday, December 28, 2014

Volvo Ocean Race

Last weekend we decided to check out the Volvo Ocean Racing.  Unfortunately, the sail boats had already docked from their 6,125 miles journey/second leg from Cape Town, South Africa.  I can't imagine how these people spend 9 months "on the road" covering a total of 38,739 nautical miles in 6 continents, 4 oceans, and 11 cities.
There were still some interesting to see though, like this guy "flying" in the air using water-propelled jets.  Pretty cool!
And quite the view of the other boats with the backdrop of Abu Dhabi/Corniche:
These big rigs were really BIG - and looked like those Transformer trucks in the movies!
The boys loved this section of the Destination Village:
And then, there was a little golf section promoting the upcoming HSBC Golf tournament:
Pretty tricky!
View of the water:
We went to visit the gear shop.  Wow... talk about expensive! USD788 for a jacket and USD 570 for the pants.  It did look like an awesome, sturdy jacket.  I suppose you would need one if you were out in the ocean for 9 months!  We just settled for a belt, cap, and key chain :-)
Digger!  The boys love their diggers.  Too bad there was a wait to try it out:
We checked out a booth of one of the teams - coincidentally an all-female race crew. Very impressive! And just as impressive, a model of their sail boat made out of 100,00 lego bricks!
Time for a tattoo.  I guess we know who we are supporting now for the rest of the race!
There was a model sail boat that we could get on. And it was even tilted at an angle.  The boys enjoyed testing out the equipment:
There were also camel photo-taking and a display of falcons.  All in all, a good day at the Corniche!
By the way, here's a view of the building that I call the "tornado" building on our way out to the Corniche.
Amazing how it's tilted like that!

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