Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Soccer - last module for the season

The boys had their final soccer session this past Friday.  We had not been taking Charlie for the past two weeks as he is always so clingy and does not really want to participate with his class.  But since this was the last one, we thought he might change his mind as it was a short session and it was also outdoors.
Charlie really enjoyed himself!  He was mostly away from his class but he did have a couple of moments where he did join in with the rest of his friends:
What a workout!
And we are so proud of Graham. He has improved so much since he started earlier this summer. He's the 4th one from the left here in the pic - perhaps the smallest in size!
Graham was so happy for his certificate:
Charlie, on the other hand...
... was interested in playing some more:
Graham will obviously continue with soccer next year but I'm still not sure about Charlie.  The classes are for 3-year old onwards and at only 2 years old, he obviously tricked us into signing him up after his try-out.  Maybe we'll just stick to kicking the ball in the apartment. He loves doing that!

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