Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Update on the Pridgen boys

The boys have been rather busy as usual.  Charlie is learning how to write as I have been making Graham write more at home:
C for Charlie!
And we've been doing some drawing and painting as well.  Graham said he drew an elephant.  I guess you can actually kind of see it!
And here is some of Charlie's finger painting that I was helping him with.  The red octopus looks more like an alien!
Charlie is able to open up the fridge door by himself now. He can never quite figure out what he wants so the door almost always remains open until the reminder/alarm goes off!
And the boys still love riding their tricycle in the apartment.
Of course, as boys always are, they would argue and fight as to who gets to sit in front. But here's another rare moment when both Graham and Charlie actually sit together and I'm able to take a photo of them:
My two little rascals!

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