Friday, December 26, 2014

Boys' visit to the doctor and first dental visit

While in Phoenix, we decided to get the boys' vaccinations updated.  Charlie and Graham did so well!  Graham had 4 shots -- 2 in each arm and didn't even cry! Guess he really prepped himself mentally when he kept telling Bobby "I'm not afraid". I could probably learn from that!
Once Graham was done, Charlie said "Now it's my turn!"  He didn't even bat an eye on the first shot into the thigh but after a slight delay on his second shot, he did say "Ouch! That hurt!" but still did not shed a single tear. Amazing!
Sticker and lollies for being good boys.  Say "ahhh...".
It was quite a challenge just trying to have Charlie show me the color of his tongue so we were really amazed and impressed at how well their first dental appointment went. The dental hygienist was so good in explaining all the different cleaning gadgets to the boys. Graham was so relaxed:
And so was Charlie:
They both loved "Mr. Thristy!"
Like a pro, although Charlie did have both hands on the arms of the chair. He does that at times when he's nervous.
Like in the airplane on take-off:
Although, he's still relaxed enough to fall asleep right after take-off!
Again, thank goodness for the upgrade.  Our kids are going to be so spoiled (or already spoiled!):
And I could get used to this too :-)
A successful trip! Speaking of successful, I picked up some new wedges on this trip back to Phoenix as well.  Hopefully these will help. I suppose practicing will help too :-)
Had to make an extra trip to the airport to pick the wedges up. It ended up on the next trip out of JFK instead. When I arrived at the arrival hall, the box (now wrapped with TSA tape all over!) was just laying on the floor in between the luggage belts. So glad no one else decided to claim it!
I did get some of these other stuff back too. Can't wait to bake an actual pumpkin cheesecake pie since the last one was not very successful without the pumpkin puree.
Thank goodness the boys' clubs are short/small enough to fit in our large suitcase. Looks like we'll be hitting the range a lot more this Spring!


Brian Derrick said...
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Pedro George said...

Your boys are so brave! Those things could be very horrifying for little kids, especially if it’s their first time with the dentist. Speaking of which, how were the results? No cavities, I hope. Anyway, thank you for sharing this with us, Cindy. Have a great day!

Pedro George @ Mirror Lake Family Dentistry

Rudy Spencer said...

Your boys look very adorable! And the fact that they took on those activities bravely makes them even more lovable. It seems like it was easy for you to tell that Charlie was a bit nervous with the procedure due to his habit, but I think he did very well for a first timer. Thanks for sharing this with us. All the best!

Rudy Spencer @ LBDP