Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas!

The boys got to open presents in multiple locations this year.  "Santa" brought presents to Phoenix and then New Jersey and finally, back in Abu Dhabi.
In New Jersey, we spent time at Bob's brother's place. By the way, we found out that Graham is allergic to dogs.  So thankfully the dog didn't complain too much when it had to be put behind a kiddie gate by the kitchen.  By the way, how many adults does it take to fix up a Hot Wheels track?  And why is it that men do not read instruction manuals?
Photo op with Grandma and Pop-pop:
The Pridgen boys:
All smiles until Charlie dropped his lemon. What a pout!
Hmm... and we're thinking... thinking...
Off to see Santa. It was a long time, but thankfully lots to do while waiting. Photo op with Auntie Myla:
Big rocking horse!
Charlie's turn:
Bobby and I with his nephews - all grown up!
Playing chase:
Man down! Man down!
There was an ice sculpture on hand and Graham got to hold a block of ice:
Thank you Uncle Doug for bringing the big blankie for the walk back to the car. Brrr...!
We decided to drive out to JFK airport the night before our flight. Poor Graham was stuck in the back with all the luggage.  Thankfully he slept through most of the drive as it was a long one too!
The boys are so busy with their electronics these days:
Travel day and it's time to wake the boys up. Not sure how Graham ended up the wrong way in bed but it's tough to fit everyone comfortably in a King size bed now!
Glad we got to an airport hotel yesterday.  The traffic on the beltway looked the same all day yesterday and this morning - bumper to bumper!
Back in Abu Dhabi and the boys are back with the Hot Wheels track.  They love it!
Christmas morning and the boys are greeted with the crane right outside our apartment. The love the crane!
Time to open presents!
Only one little present back in Abu Dhabi - a seat belt buddy. Charlie will have to wait until he converts his car seat into a booster seat. Although Graham tried his one the other day and it didn't seem very comfortable. Bummer!
So needless to say, Graham was upset that Santa did not bring him a new grader truck toy this year. I told him he needs to write to Santa about it.
With everyone jetlagged, it was dinner at the golf club.  Bobby was exhausted as he had to work on Christmas day (not an official holiday here in Abu Dhabi!).  And he had to go back after dinner for extra hours.  Poor daddy!
Day 3 of jetlag... we've been taking 7-hour naps in the afternoon. Not helping with trying to fight the jetlag!
The boys are off from school until early January.  So far they have been busy writing and drawing. Thank goodness for write-and-wipe books!
Graham needs to practice writing if he wants to write to Santa!
By the way, this year the boys learned a new version of Jingle bells:
Charlie loves to sing!
Merry Christmas everyone!!!  

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