Friday, May 9, 2014

Road trip to Phoenix

We decided to drive instead of fly to Phoenix the week before last.  Charlie was ready for the 2-day drive:
Graham was ready too. Yup... minivan is loaded up!
And Bobby's car is loaded up too, thanks to Mommy's handy packing.
We decided to take two cars to Phoenix this time.  We'll tell you why later! :-)

The plant came along too.  I had to hang the trellis to the handle bar of the car with a rubberband so it wouldn't bobble all over during the drive. He he...
The morning normally goes by pretty quickly. And then, after lunch and the boys' nap, it's reading and watching DVDs:
Or playing with toys and watching DVDs:
Or catching on the phone and you guessed it, watching DVDs:
The boys know the routine now too when it comes to staying overnight at the hotel:
We saved the balloons for Day 2:
I'm glad the boys are good sleepers in the car:
And thank goodness for lots of snack and chocolate, but what a mess!
We're going to miss windy Oklahoma!

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