Saturday, May 10, 2014

Charlie is 21 months old

Can't believe Charlie is going to be 2 years old in less than 3 months!
He is definitely talking a lot more these days.  His new words lately are:
- "I do" as in Charlie wanting to do something
- "Birdhouse" - we have one in the front yard with 2 birds and little birdies!
- "Play" when he wants to go out and play
- "Snack, please" when he wants a snack
- "Read, please" when he wants you to read a book
- "Daddy's home!" when Bobby walks through the garage door returning from work
- "There..." when Charlie completes a task. Too funny!
- "I did it!" as you will see in the following video:
And he loves to give big bear hugs to his brother and also lay on Graham:
And sit and bounce on Graham. Ha!
It's amazing how Graham tolerates it, although there are times Graham would start to complain saying Charlie is doing this or that.
Both boys are going to need their haircuts soon.  Hopefully bribing with a couple of lollipops will help!

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