Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dinosaurs at the Zoo!

We had forgotten about the dinosaur exhibit at the Tulsa Zoo until we arrived at the entrance. Wow... so many people!  Thankfully our membership card was up to date because we just scooted right through everyone!

So we wasted no time and went towards the "Zoorasic Park" exhibit.  Well, we had to stop on the way to take some pics:
Having some fun, obviously!
Okay, and we're off!  We're getting a little bit better about holding hands:
Still need to work on picture taking:
We're not exactly allowed to go beyond the ropes, but a petting a little baby dinosaur can't hurt :-)
The exhibit was prett neat.  The dinosaurs moved and made some loud noises.  It scared the boys a little bit at times. Probably a rare moment when both boys actually want to hold Mommy's hand!
After the dinosaurs, it was a quick break at the park and a quick Daddy & Charlie moment:
And then, back to running around the zoo.  Looks like Graham is in between the African and Emperor penguin.
And compared to a Chimp, only 3 ft tall!
I can't imagine the day when he is finally taller than both of us.  Speaking of which, Graham will be turning 4 years old next week.  How time flies!

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