Saturday, May 17, 2014

Memorable trip to NJ to renew passport

Seems like there's never a dull moment now when you have to take a trip on an airplane.  The last time I was on one, my plane ended up in Missouri and back to where I started by the end of the day!

This time, my sister and I made plans to meet up in Chicago and then onward to NJ together.  Well, neither one of us made it to Chicago as there was a "ground stop" there due to a fire in a tunnel by the tower. We ended up arriving at Newark airport at 1am, which was almost 10 hours past our scheduled arrival!  I suppose if it's any consolation, we did actually end up in NJ (almost) that same day.

Thankfully, the process to renew our passport was less painful.  Everything was completed in just about 2 hours in the city.  Woohooo...!  And then, we just spent the rest of the afternoon having a good meal and wandering around the stores in NYC.  Way too busy for me, I think!  But the food was excellent!
Mmmmm... yummy lobster risotto!

Here's my sis and I with our renewed passports.  Quick thank you to my in-laws for having us at their home for such a short trip!
Hopefully next time we'll have better luck with our plane rides.  Although my sister's flight back to MN did not go off without a hitch.  Her 3pm flight to Philly was actually cancelled and so she was rebooked on another airline and didn't leave Newark until 9:30pm!

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