Friday, May 9, 2014

The boys loving golf time

Every Sunday at the club by the Gilbert house, the kids are allowed to go out and play on the course.  We decided to take the boys to the driving range instead:
Ready as usual!  Charlie is already warming up in the parking lot:
Charlie seems to be favoring lefty:
At least he looks cute doing it:
Graham on the other hand is favoring righty, but with a left-hand low split grip!
He did get lucky a few times:
The video probably sums up the day:
And speaking of golf, I did play in a Cactus Tour event during our stay in Phoenix and finished T-10 with scores of 76, 75, and 73 at the Legacy Golf Club!  Not too shabby for only putting a little bit of practice time.  Even Bobby was happily surprised :-)

And we also had a chance to meet Jimmy Roberts.  What a nice guy!  He was doing a story on a Cactus Tour player -  Bobbi Lancaster, whom I've become friends with recently. The show "In Play with Jimmy Roberts" should be airing in the summer, after the British Open.  I was interviewed to be part of the show since I was paired with Bobbi on the first day during the tournament at Legacy GC. We'll see how it turns out!
And oh, I asked Jimmy Roberts to sign an autograph for Bobby as he had asked for one. And this is what Jimmy wrote.
Definitely something to frame up and treasure for the rest of our lives! :-D


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family!! Thanks for your support of Bobbi. As someone who has a similar history to her, I admire her openness, however I couldn't do it myself. You probably don't have any idea of what your friendship and acceptance means, but it is priceless. Best wishes to you with your family and your game. Keep it in play!

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