Friday, May 9, 2014

Loving the GIlbert house

It didn't take long for Bobby to hit the golf course during our trip to Phoenix.  There's a golf hole literally in our backyard!
Don't know if you can see Bobby through the fence but if you haven't noticed, it's almost 100F!
And it's amazing how Charlie loves to just sit and play next to his big brother when the yard is so big for both of them!
And look!  My cactus (which funny enough I named "Bob" during my college years) now has one bloom! It's a tiny one - to the far right, closest to the tree trunk.
Some other new things in the Gilbert house?  Well, let's just say we're not buying any more of those bean bag beads!
Phew! I'm glad there's a double zipper once it was all said and done. The boys seems to enjoy laying on the new teddy bear:
We also had our first puppet show.  Too cute!
The boys also "helped" as usual with more home organization:
As usual, here's the before:
And the after.  Ahhh... serenity!
And while the boys were away, there was more assembling to be done:
The new shelves (to the left) fits perfectly and just enough space for that lamp!
The house is definitely coming together and as comfy as we were in the Chandler house, it's amazing how we're even more comfy and homey in this house.  I'm glad we moved.

By the way, here's the flower on "Bob".  It's too bad it only lasted for a day or so, so I'm glad I caught the bloom in time!

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