Saturday, May 10, 2014

Moving to Abu Dhabi!

Yes, you heard it!  We are moving to Abu Dhabi very soon.  Bobby accepted a job there recently so we are preparing to move the whole family there.
And first things first - putting the house up for sale:
We signed some docs this past Tuesday and once the photos were taken and posted on the internet, we had 2 showings on Friday and one today. Wow... talk about some quick responses!  And we ended up with 2 offers today. Yay!  Obviously we had to pick only one, so hopefully we picked the right one.

Perhaps the pretty flowers in the front yard helped with the sale. Our azaleas were in full bloom when we returned from Phoenix:
And these other flowers in the planter were in full bloom too. I can never remember what these are called but they survive the summer pretty well and come back even fuller the next year.
And the day lilies in the backyard are coming back with a vengeance!
I planted 2 bulbs a few years ago and then, Bobby - thinking it was a weed, pulled out one of them and thankfully missed the other one.  And now there are 7 of them!  I hope we'll be around to catch them in full bloom. I know that they normally bloom right around in the middle of June, close to my mom's anniversary.

And we had our neighborhood garage sale today and we sold almost half the furniture in the house!  This one guy must have thought he hit the jackpot when he dropped by the house and ended up looking around the inside of the house.  He came back 3 times with his truck and at the 3rd and last time, he brought his whole family and then some! Here's Charlie, a little unsure of the whole situation during the last truck loading:
I suppose the timing of this guy showing up at our house was a good one since we were needing to clear the house up after receiving the news on the offer for the house this morning.

But now, we are down to leftover cushions, a memory foam mattress top that we forgot to get out for the garage sale (thankfully!) and a teddy bear seat in the living room. The rooms sounds so bare and echo-ey since that same guy took all of our rugs too!
And thanks to our neighbor for lending us some barstools. Just a minor detail that was missed once all the furniture was gone as to "Where are you going to eat?".  Kitchen countertop is a little messy now but thankfully no showings tomorrow. Hopefully no more!
Gosh, what an experience today was but all in all, a great day!

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