Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday to Graham!

Can't believe our little boy is now 4 years old! This year, I could not make his cake as we have been so busy with getting the house organized for our move.  So, we ordered one from the local supermarket. Graham wanted a digger cake and this is what they came up with. It was perfect!
It was a bulldozer rather than a digger, but at this point, I don't think it really mattered to Graham.  He was in such a happy mood when we told him it was his birthday that day!
We ended up "borrowing" our neighbor's home since we didn't have any furniture at our place to celebrate the birthday.  Charlie is just eyeing the cake!
He actually took a swipe at the cake and there's cake on his hand which I later found out.  So I had to hold on to his hand so he didn't take another swipe! Finally, a somewhat decent family picture where everyone is looking up!
Cake time!
Surprisingly, the cake was quite yummy!
Charlie was quick to dig in too:
And then, time to open the cards - one from our neighbor and another from Grandma and Pop-pop. $4... yay!
Next are presents.  Yummy chocolates!
We went to the Mall later that day and Graham got to pick out whatever he liked from the Disney store. Thank goodness he is a good sharer:
Speaking of Disney, our fancy bands arrived from Disney a few days ago. Yes, we are going to Disney World in Orlando!  It will be my first trip there so I'm just as excited as the boys. Charlie can recognize Mickey Mouse now so it will be fun for him too!
These bands will be used for our entry into the parks and our hotel room, and we can also use them for our pre-paid meals. How cool is that!

I'm glad Graham's birthday worked out despite the half-empty house.  Thanks to our nice neighbors and Grandma & Pop-pop for all the nice gifts!

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