Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trip to Arizona

I am finally posting some photos from our trip back in December.  Ahh... where do I start?  From the beginning I guess!  As usual, another red-eye flight.  Graham is completely passed out on the couch before departure. He even continues to sleep once we have put the luggage and everyone else in the car!
Charlie is wide awake and happy with Leo in the waiting lounge at the airport:
All checked in!  Charlie and Mommy photo op :-)
 New kids play pack from the airline. Hooray!
Getting cozy with the flight nanny:
As usual, headphones are on even before the plane is moving. And Charlie loves playing with the buttons on the seat. So glad we are able to fly Business class. Yes, we are spoiled for sure!
Speaking of spoiled....
I hope Bobby's stamina does not last 16:21 hours!!! :-P
Ha ha ha!!! NOPE! :-D
Sunrise as we approach San Francisco:
Oh!  I had almost forgotten about this.  We were just about to land when the plane goes back full speed again and starts pulling up!  The co-pilot later apologized about the traffic at the airport.  Phew! I wonder how close that was.  Well, Bobby later checked a website and said we only had 70ft to go which converts to 6.5 stories high (who knew there was a feet to story converter on the internet :-)
Charlie is hyper as usual and thumbs up from Graham after the long flight!
Huh! Who knew Santa was working at the Information desk today :-)
Mommy's breakfast - Japanese soba noodles with chicken soup:
The boys opt for pizza.  The American blood line are strong in these two. Haha!
Once we are settled in the room, we head out for a little walk. What is it with boys and rocks?
And boys and sticks???!!
Ahhh... we miss dandelions!!!
Okay, to be continued!  So many photos to post and we not even in AZ yet. Still day 0 of 2 weeks! :-)

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