Saturday, January 14, 2017

Charlie and Kamil the Camel

It was another fun assignment with Kamil the Camel.  This time it was Charlie that had the chance to bring it home for the weekend. Right off the bat, we took Kamil to the park after school at the end of the week:
After that, we finally had a chance to give him a quick bath in the washing machine, which Mommy was very happy about!
The next day, it is back to soccer for the new term.  So glad the weather is nice now for it:
Charlie was so excited to have both Leo and Kamil watching:
Later in the afternoon, we decided to check the Horse Show at the Al Forsan Sports Resort.  As we arrived, woaaaahhh.... what a HUGE horse truck!!!
Horse jumping!
It's too bad our timing was not so good. We only had a chance to watch the end bit of the horse jumping - which was a quick jump off. After that, the next show (dressage) didn't come on until 1 1/2 hours later!  So, the boys opted for the HUGE bouncy house slide! Kamil stayed down below and just watched:
Kamil also stayed aside while Charlie went on the pony ride.  Charlie seemed a bit scared but when I asked him if he was, he said he wasn't scared. I am not sure how convincing that was!
And finally, always a fun weekend with online phonics!
Hopefully Charlie won't beg on getting his own personal Kamil like he did with Leo.  I have a feeling it will probably happen one day though!

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