Saturday, January 14, 2017

Random photos of the week

There's nothing like trying to open a jar of sauerkraut when you are craving to have some with sausages during dinner!  After a few tries of knocking it with other end of the knife, I finally managed to open it with a rubber glove but that was already after dinner was over. Boohoo!!!  Anyhow, thanks to a friend for providing the handy tip. Although, Bobby said he had already loosed it for me :-P
More foggy days right before the HSBC Championship!  Hopefully no fog delays this year:
We had our last chance to play on the golf course last week before it was closed in preparation for the event.  Course is in amazing shape!  Really looking forward to watching some golf this year:
And finally, Charlie's Leo had a new friend from school this past weekend - Kamil the Camel.  Kamil looks much happier after a bath is the washing machine :-) Obviously a new update later on what Charlie, Kamil, and Leo did over the weekend!

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