Saturday, January 14, 2017

Horse Show

Another one to put in the books!  I wasn't sure if we would do this one, but since we had Kamil the Camel for the weekend, it was almost sort of an assignment to do so.  That way we can put the photos in "Kamil's adventure book" for school.
Just a bit stinky depending on where you were, if you know what I mean ;-)
Quite the set up! We were able to watch the jump-off but that was about it.  We showed up just a little bit too late.
The crew was putting everything away while this tractor drove around to smooth out the sand. Almost like a Zamboni version for sand!
And this one fella was walking around checking the sand consistency. He would dig up a little whole, grab some sand and squeeze it in the hand. Interesting...
Well, break time means bouncy house time! You should have seen the size of the "raspberries" or bruise that Graham got at the end of the day with this steep slide!!!
And also snack time of course during the break. But first, photo op at the LOVE sign. Almost just like the one in Phoenix!
Oh wait, I haven't posted our vacation photos yet.  Yes, yes... will do that soon!
Chicken kebab and rice for dinner.  Graham actually like the tomato rice. I don't think he actually realized it was seasoned with tomatoes.  Perhaps another way to get him to eat his vegetables!  You should have seen him last night with just the 3 pieces of corn kernel!!!
And kunafa for dessert. YUM!!! I am not exactly sure what the shredded mesh is made out of, but it basically has a layer of cheese in the middle and then, it is soaked in a sugary syrup and then pan-fried with butter. Can't go wrong with any of those ingredients! HAHA!
We are still waiting for the dressage part of the horse show to start, so we opt for the pony ride. First time for Graham!
Looks like he is enjoying it :-)
Charlie on the other hand, looks just a bit tentative:
Still waiting for the dressage, so off to see the horses and riders warm up:
Big training area!
Okay, in our seats!
The horses and riders look very elegant:
After the first dressage performance... Graham doesn't look too enthusiastic!
After the second performance, we decide to leave. Bobby had to go out for a dinner so we walked home. Thankfully a lady whom I am guessing is part of the organizing team, overheard me at the food pavilion about needing a blanket for the night show.  There were some laying around the seats and she proceeded to hand us one.  How nice!  I was thinking we would just return it after the show but it was handy when we had to walk home as Mommy forgot to bring sweaters:
The boys would argue and tug at each other but eventually, we all ended up home in one piece. Although wait, Charlie did trip and bumped his knee. Nothing a Paw Patrol band-aid can't fix! :-)

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