Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Off to Phoenix!

Dec 20th and we are finally on our way back to Phoenix.  It's a short 1.5 hour flight in comparison to the long almost 16.5 hours from Abu Dhabi to San Francisco!  I'm glad the boys are such great travelers now and don't fuss too much:
Well, Charlie is the one now that didn't last the drive back from the airport to the house:
Graham goes straight to the yard and digs up the toy bin.  These toys will be littered in the yard pretty much the entire time we are at "home":
The next day... see what I mean!
Lunch time - Welcome back to America!!!
 Dec 21 - Time to set up the Christmas tree!
We didn't have a tree set up last year as we were celebrating it in Abu Dhabi.  Graham and Charlie were so excited. Tada!!!
Close-up of Graham and Charlie.  Awwww... so lovable!
Ahhh... so tired after all that work.  Funny how Graham loves to lay on all the sofa cushions! :-D
How we miss seeing clouds!  It actually did rain, which was a really nice change:
Low clouds/Fog the next day - almost unusual though.  We normally get lots of sunny days here!
Dec 23 - We always try and hit some of our favorite restaurants, so off to Scottsdale! On our way there, Graham said that his tooth was bothering him. And so what does he do??? He proceeds to pull it out himself in the car!!!
Well, glad Graham was able to take care of that by himself! :-)  We were not as fortunate with the restaurant though.  The one we were looking for had already been closed for over a year now! Anyhow, we did want to take photos by this LOVE sign as well, so it was not all a lost:
Look what I found!  Graham was only a few months old here :-)
And here we all are now - 6 years later.  Mommy is getting better at this we-fie thingy!
Boys are loving the photo-taking session:
After  breakfast, we head over to Papago Park.  Bobby is determined to find this particular rock that Graham played peek-a-boo years ago!  I don't think this was the one, but it will have to do :-)
Oh! Look what else I found!!!
Haha... Graham was just over 2 years old here.  And here is that rock I was talking about.  BOO!!!
Yup, this rock is definitely a lot smaller!   Okay, moving onwards!!!  The boys love to hike and climb:

 Men, men, men, men...!
Thankfully the boys didn't have issues going downhill:
Busy day!  Some golf after lunch and nap:
Graham prefers to clean up:
Off to the golf course while there is still some sunlight.  Lots of oranges to pick!
A couple of hot air balloons fly right over us while we were on the golf course.  We were yelling "Hello" and the people in the balloon could actually hear us and were yelling back!
Ahhh... we love this place!
More photos to follow...!

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