Thursday, January 26, 2017

Random photos of the week

I have been really slacking with the blog!  Seems like there's so much going on lately.  Let's start with Charlie's lizard. He copied it from another picture. He even wrote his name all by himself!
Charlie eating a plum. I had him take off his shirt because I didn't want him to get all that juice all over!
Not my finest moment... Ha ha!  But I was SO exhausted!!!  And Charlie is probably asleep on the chaise lounge a couple of times during the week after school:
A men's European Tour event just finished up here in Abu Dhabi.  Here are the boys menacing after dark just before the start of the event. Haha!
There was a big bus parked in the parking lot of the golf club on the same night and the boys wanted to get in it to check it out.  The bus driver did one better and let them sit on the driver's seat!
Thumbs up from both Graham and Charlie!
Photos and videos from the HSBC Championship tournament to follow!  Yes, video - Bobby's 1 minute of fame!!! :-)

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