Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Happy 10th Anniversary!

Actually, I suppose it is Happy New Year first!  I has been a few weeks since I have updated my blog. We were away in Arizona for the holidays (Christmas and New Year) and am barely getting myself through the first week of school and thankfully getting over jetlag now!

In any case, Bobby and I have now hit the 10 year mark!  Wow... how did all that time fly by so quickly? 10 years together and we now have 2 kids and live in Abu Dhabi. Who would have thought!  Here's our most recent photo together on the flight to the US:
And funny enough, this photo reminded me of our first trip together!  It was to London, about 11 years ago.  Ahhh... how young we were :-)
Well, here is to another 10 years!  I wonder what our two little "monkeys" will be turn out to be. It is crazy to think that by then Graham will be 16 years old and Charlie will be 14.  YIKES!!!
Okay, will try and get my act together and update the blog on our vacation!

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