Thursday, July 31, 2014

Yay! Some new furniture!

We purchased a whole bunch of furniture from IKEA and after spending over a certain amount, the company delivers everything for free and also has a couple of guys in their team to assemble everything. There were about 3 cart loads of boxes and the 2 guys spent over 5 hours at our new apartment!  I sure hope they recycle.  That's our new couch by the way, in the background.  And oh, come to find out - our new rug in the living room sheds! NOOOooooo...!!!
More boxes! This was just from Graham's room.
Guess he had a lot going on in his room, but I'm so glad it turned out great!
I'm glad I did my homework on the width of the furniture. Everything seems to fit really well, although perhaps a little bit too much white. So glad the bed worked out.  The guy had the footboard on the wrong side, so he had to start all over! I love Graham's bed. There's a little compartment by the side of his headboard where it pulls out, so perhaps he can at least hide a few things from Charlie. And it has a under-bed for future sleepovers!
Graham has been so fussy about picking a rug. He wants a "fluffy" one, whatever that might mean to a 4 year old!  Hopefully the room won't look so stark once we have a little "color splash!".

And here's Charlie room.  I love the rug in his room! So far, nothing too much in his room but good enough for now. The chaise lounge doubles as the "changing table" - hopefully for not too much longer! And the chaise is also the same set as our sofa in the living room (just in case we change our mind on where to put it!)
His crib was suppose to come with two drawers at the bottom.  The guys said that it's suppose to be a separate purchase but I think they might be wrong. Anyhow, the inquiry is already on it's way to customer service :-)

We did purchase a dining room table too with chairs and of course 2 junior chairs for the boys.  I forgot to take a picture of it, so that will be in my next post. And hopefully we'll have a few more other things to show as well.  Seems like there's still so much to do, but now I'm only down to 3 boxes out of 10 to unpack! And oh, our first appliance!
There's so many new buttons on this dishwasher, I may actually have to read the manual!  And oh, wait... it doesn't open all the way.  Oops!
Thankfully this was already fixed today :-)
But bad news... no gas cooking at all allowed in this apartment. I'm so SAD! :-(  We've actually already purchase our gas stove and it is to be delivered next week.  Looks like we'll need to change up that order. Urgh!

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