Friday, July 25, 2014

New rugs!

The kids and I went to a rug store the other day and I spotted a rug that I really liked.  Thought it might be nice for our living space.  Well, I'm glad that Bobby like it too!  And the boys too - at least now they have something softer to sit on.
We both love this runner too that's in the hallway area where all the bedrooms are:
And this one is for our bedroom. You'd think this was made locally but it's actually made in Belgium!
And for the guest room, as Bobby would put it... a little color splash! I hope our guest won't mind the more modern look and the fishies too, of course :-)
The boys don't have any rugs yet in their rooms.  I haven't scoped around the other rug stores yet. Hopefully we'll find something as these bedrooms are really echoey with the tiles!
And I can't wait for the new furniture to arrive from IKEA next week!  Well, at least just part of it. I'm so glad that there's free delivery and free assembly. I don' have to deal with that little allen wrench, at least for the bigger projects :-)

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