Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Abu Dhabi, here we come!

It's been a week now since we left JFK airport for Abu Dhabi.  Of course, it wasn't without a glitch.  As if we didn't have enough extra baggage:
Our 2 extra big suitcases were waaaaaaaaaaay overweight. I guess Bobby had misunderstood the weight limit in the letter that was provided to him from his new company.  So off to buy some new suitcases at the airport!
Thankfully all that was needed were 2 little rolling bags at a reasonable price.  If anything, the discrepancy led to a free upgrade for us, which was nothing short of awesome!  It didn't take long for Graham to get comfy. This was even before taking off! Yes, the tv screen is a touch screen.
Charlie is comfy on Mommy's lap as usual:
And here are the boys... dining in style:
And this is obviously the best part of traveling in Business Class.  The seats go all the way to a flat position, which is so good for the boys:
Looks like they are going to be spoiled right off the bat!
We arrived on July 3rd at around 8:30am and by the time we settled into the hotel apartment, it was time for a nap. We were all pretty beat.  Again, Charlie has been wanting to be on the big bed:
Thankfully, Graham has not been complaining about being on the couch.
By Day 2, the staff at the restaurant where we have breakfast were already familiar with the boys. Charlie didn't even mind being carried away by the waiter!
We removed a large coffee table away from the living area so the boys have a bit more space to play on. I'm sure slowly but surely we will accumulate more toys in this tiny little area. By the way, yes - that is the couch that Graham calls his bed at night.
The view from the 3rd floor is pretty nice.  The pool is always so inviting.  I can just never quite figure out though, how people can still lay out in the sun in 40+ degree celsius weather.  That's over 104F!
As for the rest of our hotel apartment, it is equipped with a little washer and dryer. It does both!
I'm not sure how well it worked though.  Good thing we have lots of places to hang the clothes to dry.  By the way, this is like the biggest lamp shade ever!
It's a good thing we have some counter space to lay the rest of the clothes out:
And yes, another lamp shade.  As long as I don't turn the light on, I figured it wouldn't be too much of a fire hazard :-)
 Oh, Charlie loves to help me load the laundry. It's just his size!
And Charlie and Graham met their new friend Omar a couple of nights ago.  It's so great to see them play well together right off the bat!
I'm so glad we have a friend that lives here in Abu Dhabi.  Actually, it was her husband that recommended Bob to pass along his resume to his company. If all goes south, I'll know who to have a little "chat" with! ;-)

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