Friday, July 11, 2014

Graham & Charlie's first haircut in Abu Dhabi

Our friend had recommended a place in the mall for the kids to get their haircuts.  Wow, this place was great!  We bought these huge lollipops for the boys.  Graham went first.  They had cartoon on TV and he was nicely buckled in on the barber chair and sat quietly all throughout his hair cut.
The person cutting his hair was so quick and did such a great job.  Ahhh... much better!
Charlie didn't complain once it was his turn.  Again, buckled up nicely, Charlie sat through his entire cutting session without a tear.  Amazing!
Such a handsome boy :-)  Ok, I'm bias.  I can't get myself to give Charlie a buzz haircut like Graham yet. He is still such a baby to me!
Looks like my days as a hair-cutter is over. Next time we have to find some smaller, more manageable lollipops though!

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