Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Slowly but surely...

We've collected our key for our new apartment last week but we have yet to do anything in it!  We did have a little TV delivered today for the guest/playroom.  The guys showed up with a HILTI drill.  It was quite funny yet nice to see a familiar bright red toolbox!
Thankfully we had made a trip to IKEA the day before the delivery. I had to make sure the boys had plenty to play with while waiting for the delivery.  Graham and Charlie sure love their trains!
This one, on the other hand was not from IKEA.  The guy convinced me he was going to give me a good deal since I was his first customer that day (it was like 11am!).  Anyhow, I believed him. Plus, look how pretty they are!  Only a matter of time before I lose every single sequence and shells with the 2 boys :-)
Then, the boys helped me build a storage unit and then Graham decided to have a little kick with the soccer ball.
And who knew IKEA boxes could be such great recycled plates!
Did I mention we have NOTHING in this apartment yet???!  Here's what the living area looks like when you walk through the front door.
There's a door to the right before this opening/in the foyer that leads into all the bedrooms and to your left, a half-bath. I discovered a leak in the ceiling in the half-bath today. Hopefully it will be a quick and easy fix for the maintenance crew. I guess just a matter of when they are going to show up!
And the living area leads into the dining space and balcony through those glass doors.  That opening to the far left leads into the kitchen (behind that wall past all those glass doors) and if you make a left, you'll have the maid's room, laundry room, and storage room.
And here's the very bare looking but large kitchen.  We'll need to get all the appliances soon before the end of Ramadan (i.e. discounts!):
And by the way, we drove to Dubai last weekend to look at a minivan. Yes, I actually want a minivan. I have really missed it since being here because sliding doors seem to work so much better in tight parking spots!  Anyhow, it was so dusty on the way out there.  As you can see why... look at all that desert!
And yes, lollipops are such a good idea on road trips, especially funny ones like these!
Graham just had a normal one, although it did come with a sticky spider thing that's suppose to "crawl" down windows/walls. It didn't work very well though.
On our way back from a successful car hunting trip (Bobby got a car too!), we drove past the tallest buidling in the world - the Burj Khalifa. Very impressive if you read the facts on their website.  I wished it wasn't so dusty driving by it!
Eventually we'll make a trip up there!  My legs will probably get really wobbly from that view from the very top.  Funny enough, the delivery guy tested our TV by plugging in a USB adapter that showed the making of the Mission Impossible movie with Tom Cruise at this building. No stunt guy - he actually did it!

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