Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quick trip ino Oman

Unfortunately, the kids and I did not get our UAE visas before the end of our tourist visa.  So, that meant having to leave the country so we can come back in and in essence, renew our tourist visa for another 30 days.  I suppose it was a good excuse for us to do something different.  Bobby did get two days off from work because of the Eid holiday. 
So off we went!... to Muscat, Oman.  It was about a 6 hour trip and that included the trips for Bobby into the immigration and custom offices along the border.  On our way out, there were just sand dunes everywhere. Makes you wonder how those few trees survive in that sand!
Almost across the border!
And the minute we cross into Oman, the terrain changed from sandy to rocky and mountainous. Amazing!
Pretty cool gate:
And amazing sights... Ha!
Yes, that's a sign to watch out for goats:
Goats! Goats!  I see goats!
And I thought these were interesting looking bus stops:
And we came across a few areas of construction.  They have these "fake construction men" here in Abu Dhabi too. Quite funny :-)
The trip of course almost always goes along with someone crying in the backseat. Hmmm.... I wonder who that could be.  "Play leap-pad! Play leap-pad! Play leap.." and then, he falls asleep :-)
Here's the view from our balcony when we arrived at the hotel.  Pretty nice!
The boys enjoyed the beach and the pool.  Look at this leisure pool!
It was a good little short trip.  I'm glad Bobby didn't get a cramp in his foot because there was no cruise control in our rental car! Although, now that we've seen all these sights once on the way to Muscat, maybe next time it might be easier to just fly :-)

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