Friday, July 25, 2014

Random pics

Just a handful of photos that we've taken these past week or two.  Here's one of Bobby and the boys by the dock at a golf course that we were visiting.  Graham and Charlie loved the spaghetti there :-)
Here we are car shopping in Dubai.  Bobby noticed this one and said it looked exactly like the one his grandfather used to drive. What a small world!
And we did find a golf club to play at.  The boys were obviously excited about it too:
Still need to work on that split grip lefty swing!
And here's the club house by day. By the way, I just learned a new word yesterday - Falconry: the sport of hunting with falcons.  Learn something new every day!
And here are the boys... just lounging and watching cartoons in Arabic.  They don't seem to mind it at all!
And this was Charlie one morning when I was getting him out of his crib.  He had tucked Teddy Bunny in for his "night night".  Too cute!
We're slowly but surely also building up on memories here!

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