Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2 weeks later in Abu Dhabi

Can't believe it's already been 2 weeks.  Not too much going on other than the usual swim time in the morning and nap time in the afternoon, and then wait for daddy to come home so we can all get something to eat when the sun goes down (or Iftar).  Charlie does get some extra snuggle time while big brother Graham is still napping:
I think we have found a place to live but unfortunately, the apartment will only be ready in another month's time!  I guess if anything, we'll be able to furnish it and get it ready before all of us are finally in it.  There's literally nothing in it - no fridge, no washer/dryer, no stove, no dishwasher, no real light fixtures!  Just single light bulbs hanging down the ceiling.  I guess better than what my friend experienced when she moved into a villa and there were just electrical wires hanging down the ceiling! But in the meantime, I think we've sort of moved into our hotel apartment.  Yes, a laundry rack!
So far, still no car. We've been renting and hopefully we'll get one soon.  I think we're actually going to get another minivan!  I know, so much for not wanting to be "that" soccer mom with the minivan, but somehow after renting an SUV for 2 weeks, it's probably still my favorite. Somehow it seems that the parking spots here are rather tight and I'm always so worried about banging the back door into someone else's car when I'm loading up the boys. The sliding door won't have that problem. Plus, Graham can get himself in and out of the car much more easily and I won't have to worry about him denting a nice Porsche!

We haven't done too much sight-seeing although we did check out the Abu Dhabi Golf Club yesterday.  Funny enough, it's run by an American management company!  Here's the famous "Eagle" clubhouse - although probably more recognizable during the day :-)
In the meantime, Graham and Charlie are keeping themselves entertained in the hotel apartment. It's amazing what sugar (chocolate) can do to these boys!
I'm glad they are doing well although every now and then, Graham would say that he misses Grandma and Pop-pop or that he misses Tulsa. Hopefully when school starts, he'll feel better.  Maybe he'll feel excited about his new school uniform! :-)

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