Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cleaning the balcony

As the temperature is dropping to the cool mid 20s C in the morning and evenings (that's in the high 70s F), we decided to get an outdoor furniture set.  But before that, time to clean out the balcony!  Here's the sand accumulation after 2 dust storms:
Quite a task sweeping!  Obviously the sliding doors and the railing were dusty, and even the walls!
Maybe I should save it for a sandbox? Uh... maybe not!
Graham did not go to school as he was still on the mend with his cough.  He loved to be mommy's little helper, of course :-)
And the floor was back dirty again once we were done with the sliding doors/windows.  Check out that dirty water in the bucket. YUCK!
Ahh... nice and clean. Although probably not for very long. It will be quite a task to keep this sand free!
I thought golf was bad enough for my calluses.  The brooms are worst!
Here's our view from our balcony.  The sports resort next door is working on a new building.
And the view to our right - a sea of concrete villas and townhomes.
And to the left - at least there is some green from the fields down below.
Furniture is here!  The boys are busy supervising, as usual:
Tada!  Nothing like white cushions in a dusty and sandy place. Perhaps we should just leave the plastic on. Ha ha!
Here's the view from our dining room.
And my view this morning.  The perfect place to check my emails and "socialize" as Bobby puts it. Well, almost perfect.  I could do without those rails and also all that construction noise in the background!
Well, one balcony cleaned... 3 more to go! Although we probably won't furnish the rest of them. That would just be too much to upkeep!

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