Thursday, October 9, 2014

Transformers in town

It was a surprise for the boys last week when we took them to one of the malls in the city to see the Transformers.  There were just 3 of them on show for picture taking:
Thankfully the lines weren't too long, although we did get there early.  The boys kept themselves entertained as usual during the wait:
I'm not sure if Bobby was perhaps more excited than Graham:
The anticipation...
Here he is... Optimus Prime!
Unfortunately, he didn't really do much. He just stood there and waited up on stage for picture-taking.  Ok, our turn!  Charlie was a little bit scared.
Graham didn't get too close either:
We didn't stay to take photos with Bumble bee and Megatron as it was a whole separate line/queue.  We were able to catch a glimpse of them from the upper floors when we were roaming around the mall.  They were at least moving around a little bit more during picture taking. I wonder if maybe the Optimus Prime suit was just too heavy to move in. Guess we'll never know for sure!
In any case, it's always a successful trip when both boys are fast asleep in the car :-)
 And we promised Graham a new toy since he has recently quit the habit of sucking on his thumb. Hooray!  I think we got away easy with just some playdoh :-)
I did just catch Graham sucking on his thumb yesterday when he was snuggling with Daddy and his blankie (Graham's blankie that is :-) so I threatened to return the toy.  Hopefully that was the last time!
By the way, I've been wanting to post pics of these two buildings.  Bob calls them the "pine cone" buildings.
So come to find out, these "cones" actually open and close depending on the time of day!  The photo on top was taken in the morning and here, this next picture - was taken later in the evening. See how the "cones" are all open.
And these "cones" or "flowers" as I would call them can be opened or closed independently of each other.  Sometimes I'll see all of them closed and just one or two are open.  What a neat idea!

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