Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Water fun!

We finally found a splash pad!  Wish we had found it sooner as the boys just love playing in/with water.  Thankfully the weather is still up in the mid 90s so I'm sure there are plenty of days left before summer is over.  And best thing about this place is it also stays open after sun down, so the boys are able to keep playing until dinner time.
Here's one of the larger boats on dock here at the Marina. Nice!
And here is a fancy hotel in the background.  The Formula 1 race track is right next to the hotel. The track is open to the public on certain days so you can see the cars drive by in a small section of the track by the side of the hotel.  And obviously hear them doing laps too from this side of the water. I wonder how our minivan would fare on the track ;-)
Okay... ready... set...
It's amazing how Charlie and Graham can be so happy with just a little cup (and lots of water!):
The boys really love LOVE this place!
And it's neat how the lights change colors too:
Just can't get enough.  It's too bad Bobby missed almost all of the fun the boys were having. We had sent daddy on a mission to get dinner and unfortunately all the other families had the same idea to go to the same restaurant for take-out (or take-away as they say it here)!
Here's Graham sitting on one of the water spouts - meditating perhaps???!
Charlie and his little cup.  Unfortunately, Graham lost his at the end of the night but thankfully IKEA has plenty of them!
I'm glad the boys were hungry enough to get away from the splash pad. They are obviously having too much fun!
Monkey see, monkey do!
So glad our new friends have introduced us to this area of Abu Dhabi.  Now... if we can only find someone that owns a boat :-)

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