Saturday, October 11, 2014

Medal for Graham!

Bobby and I were such EXTRA proud parents this past Friday.  Graham had his usual soccer class/school and at the end of it, he earned himself a medal!
At the end of every class, a boy or girl will receive a medal.  It is given out to the kid that 1) Listens 2) Plays hard and 3) Smiles.  I guess our boy finally had the right combination that day!  It was pretty tough the first session though because when another kid was awarded the medal, Graham cried and cried.  And even the next day he was still upset about it!  And after the second session, he sort of bit his lip and tried to hold back his tears when another kid was awarded the medal again.  Week 3 was better and finally, now Week 4 - he was almost surprised when he heard his name!

Charlie, on the other hand, was too tired to bother. He is almost always instantly asleep by the time we get into the car. He is such a tired bear after soccer!
I'm not sure if Charlie will ever get a medal in his class.  Perhaps not this session since he is a year younger than the rest of the kids in his class and still clings on to me during class.

And oh, I hate to admit it but I was so happy for Graham that I actually cried!  Happy tears, that is.  I didn't shed a single tear at my wedding but I cry when my little boy gets an award in his soccer class.  Who would have thought!
And oh, one other thing - Graham gets to be the "Pass Master" next week. He gets to wear a special bib for the entire class time. I'm sure he will be on cloud nine all day!

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