Thursday, October 23, 2014

Abu Dhabi / Home update

So not that long ago, we decided to get a table and chair set for the boys since they were always on the floor in the kitchen during snack time:
The stool is just a tad tall for Charlie but he's getting a hang of it now:
And I've also moved the easel into the kitchen. The boys have been using it a lot more here.
We've been using it for Graham especially, to learn and write his alphabets.  He can write "G" pretty well now and I told him to write a little "g" and he came up with this:
It was - like I said... a "little" G.  Too funny!
Anyhow, back to the table and chair set.  The boys have discovered other uses for them - well, the legs of the chairs to be precise.  "Hello...? Anybody there???"
And they would also stick crayons into one end and shake it until it comes out the other end.  And most recently, Graham discovered it also works as an umbrella.  Very creative!
And along the side of creativeness (or lack of), I saw a sticker height chart at the supermarket and decided to do that instead of drawing something up like I did in Tulsa.
Our walls are so plain so I'm glad we have something up!  By the way, Graham is 103cm (40.5") tall and Charlie is 88cm (almost 35") tall.
By the way, Charlie was 25% percentile in weight during his recent check-up. He's still our little peanut! But quite a feisty little one.  At times, he is so happy watching Mommy cook:
But when he's not feeling so great, watch out!
And that's been the past 2 weeks!!! Hopefully this new set of medication will help. And now Graham is coughing too. People say it's due to the change of weather. It's actually been quite nice in the mornings and evenings now. The temperature drops down to a cool 26C or upper 80s F. Can't wait till the days get that way too!

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