Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Graham's airplane

We bought some legos for the boys and Graham came up with this!  He called it his SA 2 Rescue airplane.  I have no idea how he came up with "SA" or what it even means!
Ok, so you can't really see it clearly.  I actually had Graham take the photo of his plane :-)
A little bit better!
Ahh... there we go.  Very symmetrical, as you can see. And it even has the emergency lights at the top!
There's the #2.
And of course, the window/door at the back to put the people in it.
Graham insisted on taking all angles of his airplane.  And also, a photo of what was Charlie's airplane - scattered on the floor as you can see, as Charlie had dropped it:
"Awww...." as Charlie would say.  He just started doing that a few days ago. It's so cute!
Charlie has a vertical airplane - a little different.  Who said an airplane needed wings! Maybe he's onto something, like those fans with no blades. Ha ha!

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