Sunday, November 2, 2014

Trick or treat!

Who knew we would be trick-or-treating in Abu Dhabi!  Graham wanted to be Bob the Builder this year. I'm so glad I found a construction hat for him!  And I bought some tools from the local dollar store here and he had a belt so I was able to loop a tool holder for him. Not too shabby for his first set of dungaree!
And Charlie... well, he was suppose to be the Fire and Rescue ranger except he wouldn't wear his hat and after a while, he didn't want his suspenders either. So I'm going to say that he was dressed as the Blankie Hugger - a pretty good one if I may say:
We had a practice run at the golf club the night before.  Charlie was fast asleep by the time we got there. This is what happens with no nap in the afternoon!
It was movie night by the pool, although by the time we got there, there wasn't really a comfortable spot for us to sit to watch the movie. So we just ordered a couple of pizzas and by the time we were done, the boys decided they wanted to try out some Sand Art. Basically, you pay for a small design and then you peel off bits and pieces of the design and pour different colors onto now the sticky part of the design.  The boys loved pouring out the sand:
The boys picked a monster truck and this is what we ended up with.  Pretty neat!
Once we were done, we just sort of hung around and the boys had some fun moving some stools around.
Cheeky Charlie!
Family pic!  First Halloween in Abu Dhabi 2014:
Here's a better look at Charlie's outfit/costume.  He was pointing to the airplane in the night sky:
By the way, no toolbelt for Charlie but I was able to put his torch light and pick-axe on his pants using some bungee cord.
The next night (actual Halloween night) we went to a nearby neighborhood to go trick-or-treating.
The boys were a little intimated:
And needed a little persuasion:
I think Charlie got the hang of it after a while, although we ran out of houses pretty quickly.  Looks like not that many people celebrate Halloween after all!
We ended up at the neighborhood mall:
And then, it was time to head home:
As you can see, there really wasn't much candy but the boys were pretty satisfied after eating their one little bag of m&m's.
Glad the boys enjoyed their costumes.  I'm sure they will be in them again as I want to get my money's worth from all the outfits we just bought for this occasion!

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